We, at Pulkit Plastic Sheets, are one of the biggest BOPP Bags manufacturers in the country.  We propose packaging sacks of Premium Quality with choices of numerous colors. The sacks we are creating are highly unwilling to water, Scratch, and Rip. Also, it safeguards the inside products from Grease, Oil, and other types of fluids. We always want to give our buyers 100% fulfillment.

BOPP bags or Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene is an outstanding packaging choice. BOPP is primarily well-known as they are extremely very strong. These bags are deemed to be a sack that is both woven and laminated. Different kinds of organic materials are utilized during the production procedure of these BOPP bags. These bags are equipped with extra quality packaging considerable so it is the major reason behind their extended power.

These BOPP bags are available in different coatings to arouse the transporting of different sizes of large & heavy items. As the different kinds of coatings are exceptionally small and very strong there is no problem in operating with these categories of bag. Lots of companies are utilizing these bags for packaging & shipping items. These BOPP bags can be naturally manufactured for the promotion objectives of various business brands.

Applications of BOPP Bags

The best component of these sacks is that they are usable for modifications. To enlarge the range of trading the business, choose the introduction of their brand on the bags. If the material utilized in manufacturing the packaging sacks is of the outstanding train then it empowers the companies to enlarge their revenues.

These bags are utilized in various kinds of business. From Food Industries to Beverages trades all of them are using these kinds of packaging sacks. We have noted down the uses for these bags.

  • Edible products of any weight can be packed in these Kinds of Bags.
  • Animals and Pet Feed
  • Construction Related Materials
  • Grasses & Seeds
  • Pesticides as well as Fertilizers
  • Resins and Chemicals
  • Laboratory Items
  • Shopping Bags

Advantages of BOPP Bags

While creating these categories of BOPP Packaging bags it is important to keep in mind that these bags will continue to resist water, stains, and ripping. These bags are also available with water-resistance properties that help to save the goods of the bags from Water, Grease, Oil, and other liquids.

The buyer will be more satisfied with the items which are kept in these bags. These packaging bags are manufactured through a reverse-printed film lamination and then after the faultless processing of sacks is accomplished. The main features of these packaging sacks are mentioned below.

Resilient to Water

These bags are produced by using strong and everlasting materials that can easily preserve the products inside. These bags are very significantly averse to dampness. By conveying or storing dry items like animal fodder or food products, we can easily say that these bags easily enhance the product’s life. These bags don’t let the properties of the bags get hampered by outside water.

Glossy Appeal

These bags have some shiny fascination which brings these bags to excellence.

It can be easily recycled

It is very comfortable to recycle these BOPP bags so that these bags can be utilized again and again according to the requirements.

Sturdy and Safe

If we speak about the toughness of these sacks then it is sagging on how competently it is stitched. As the properties inside the bags might have some weight, the bags are needed to stand up to the strength of the products inside. These bags carry on even when they are replenished by Customers or containers are shaken.

Great Packaging Power

These bags are supposed to be very best to comfortably carry those items that have a large capacity as these bags are manufactured to work with massive strength.

Higher Confrontation from Print Quality and Rub

These bags give an exceptional resistance print quality.

Lower Transport Expenses

While using the BOPP Bags the cargo cost automatically decreases as these bags are very strong.

It is cost effective

These BOPP bags can save you adequate money while comparing these bags with conventional plastic bags.

Available in Various Shades

You can opt for the BOPP packaging sacks in different colors depending on your choice as they are available in numerous colors.

Eradicate the Threat of Tearing and Breaking

By utilizing these BOPP bags, the threat of ripping and devastating automatically gets eliminated. These bags are built from powerful, excellent products.