PE Liners

PE Liners

PE Liner bags are very beneficial in transparent plastic form but narrowly transparent which can be utilized for packaging & storing apparel, electronic items, food items, etc. The major usage of these bags is to safeguard food, devices, or gadgets from the impacts of the surface climate. These bags can be used multiple times and are recyclable too. PE bags are very beneficial in various lengths which are utilized to haul the commodities with proportional weight. It is convenient in printed shape for marketing your label and Company logo.


There are main three features that hat play a very important role in polyethylene bags when we want to keep heavy-weight items in these bags. That’s the main reason why major industrial firms prefer polyethylene storage bags for storing and shipping heavy-weight products in such bags.

Polyethylene bags are mainly categorized into three categories which are HDPE bags, LDPE bags & LLDPE which are increasingly enhanced in constancy polyethylene, Low consistency polyethylene, and linear low-density polyethylene. HDPE bags are lean bags, tough to semi-flexible & good moistness obstacle properties and applications for HDPE bags are injection moldings, flat threads, etc., whereas LDPE bags are delicate, adaptable & have good clearness & applications such as bags, small container sacks, sugar bags, compost bags, garbage bags, shrink wrap, etc. Finally, LLDPE has an enlarged effect and punch resistance & applications for LLDPE are better enactment bags, manufacturing liners, ice backpacks, etc.

Our expert, highly experienced quality testing team immensely assures that Polyethylene Bags are replicated with severe standards of grade management by assuring global standards to preserve the elevated quality of the PE Bags & deliver sufficient service to our consumers.


  • Shopping bags, Plastic sacks & bottles
  • Packaging of food grains, fertilizers, cement
  • Plastic seats and tables
  • Holding bolts & fittings
  • Shrink wrap & film products
  • Industrial liners
  • Grocery polyethylene sacks and garbage sacks
  • Ice Bags & ice cube containers
  • Threads for wools & net
  • Vehicle fuel tanks
  • Toys, bulk receptacles, tubes, and tubing
  • Crater plastic products
  • Flat Yarns


  • A Wide variety of Usages
  • Translucent but narrowly transparent
  • Powerful, Flexible & Tough
  • Punch, effect, and rip opposition features
  • Expense protection
  • Chemical opposition
  • Excellent Food Grade availability
  • Outstanding moistness barrier
  • FDA & USDA Approved
  • Waterproof Features
  • Very smooth procedure & mold
  • Warmth Sealed